Sei-ki: Doing & Not-Doing

By Alice Whieldon Sei-ki is the name given to his art by Kishi Akinobu.  He was a consummate practitioner of Shiatsu and devoted himself to learning and perfecting the methods of his teachers.  He gained his Shiatsu license from Namikoshi’s school and was...

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Exploring Resonance Through Words And Touch Nick Pole & Alice Whieldon: in conversationSSJ ARTICLE WINTER 2018/9One's life is conducted by one's spirit…a treatment has to move the spirit to restore wellbeing…In creating a quiet space through a quiet mind and body,...

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Soul Medicine

The key to what makes Shiatsu different from most science-based, as well as complementary medical systems, is that it is soul medicine.    The term ‘soul’ is western and can refer to different things in different theological systems; it is used to here...

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