Sei-ki Sessions

One to One ​Sessions

In Sei-ki Sessions Alice works with distortions in the mental and emotional fields to help people recognise their underlying condition and loosen the armour in which we encase ourselves, which can, in turn, release tremendous energy.

This is achieved through close observation of the mind/body distortion with the addition of skilled touch. Underlying health begins to reassert itself as the distortion clarifies, moves more into the background and becomes less fixed.

​People commonly report a feeling of coming back to themselves and breathing again; experiencing life with fresh interest and creativity.

“What I really love about your treatments is they put me in very clear place where it is just so clear to understand what I really need to give myself in order to heal from the deepest level.”

TW, London UK

What to Expect

Sei-ki is a touch art that accesses the mind and emotions as they distort the physical form. You remain fully clothed, lying on a comfortable padded mat. When receiving Sei-ki you will experience different depths of touch, applied with the hands.

Session: 1 hr 
​Fee: London £90

“An hour with Alice is pure escapism. Her techniques immediately release me from my everyday stresses into a state of deep relaxation. What she does is a mystery to me but it’s enjoyable, addictive and restorative.”

JP, London UK


2 Well Road, 

You can find me in a quiet street in the heart of Hamptead where I work from home.  It’s a 5 minute walk from Hampstead tube station and a 15 minute walk from Hampstead Heath overground station.  By appointment only.

“I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and headaches for over 40 years. I visited Alice about 6 times for Sei-ki Soho treatments the effect of the very first treatment was transformative. I felt the subtle, small and noticeable changes in my body. And this was the pattern for each session. Gradually, I began to feel the gross cumulative effect of each treatment.  After a short space of time the pain has decreased both in intensity and frequency, I was deeply relaxed and calm. The sessions addressed the whole of me: body and mind.”

DE, Norwich UK


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