Living in Resonance


Sei-ki is the Way of Touch. It is bodywork; it involves skilled touch with hands on the clothed body of another person. It is therapeutic; people come to sessions for help and their health conditions regularly improve or resolve. It is also much more than this. People experience coming back to themselves; a deeply satisfying sense of the familiar; they say they can breathe again; they experience something new; have insights about how they are in life.

The Sei-ki practitioner works with touch but recognises that a person is not, fundamentally, their body or their mind. The person is perfect and unchanging. The practitioner works to ‘see’ the distortion of mind/body that obscures the true self. In recognising it, the distortion resolves itself and the person finds they have more space and freedom.

“One’s life is conducted by one’s spirit…a treatment has to move the spirit to restore wellbeing…In creating a quiet space through a quiet mind and body, illumination comes…The spirit moves because the environment of the space encourages it to be moved….Well-rooted presence and virtue of the practitioner are key to this environment. Close windows and shut doors to create a space that is calm and quiet enough for concentration, so you can promote a relationship of unity between your spirit and the patient.”

–Ling Shu (1,8,9) and Su Wen (27)

Sei-ki is a practice of expanding your awareness through connecting with and supporting others

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Living in Resonance (LiR)

LiR offers workshops and community in Sei-ki and the art of living for those wanting to explore mindful touch. Life is a difficult journey with many joys and pitfalls. From time to time we need help on our travels. LiR is a resource in the form of workshops, supervisions and community in line with this resonant life.

Living in Resonance takes is name from Kishi & Whieldon’s 2011 book, Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, the Secret Art of Shiatsu
Resonance affects everything, like ripples in a pond.  It is life lived in harmony and flow, internally and in relationship, without effort, impact without trace.  Resonance is relationship