Living in Resonance

Sei-ki Soho: the flowering of Japanese Shiatsu

PASE (partner assisted self-enquiry)from the work of Charles Berner 

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Sei-ki is an inner art that seeks to recognise the distortions in the emotion-body to help people become conscious of their armour and wake up to be more in life
​and more fulfilled.

This is achieved through close observation of the mind/body with the application of aware touch. The underlying health of who we are shines as our ‘case’ moves into the background

“One’s life is conducted by one’s spirit…a treatment has to move the spirit to restore wellbeing…In creating a quiet space through a quiet mind and body, illumination comes…The spirit moves because the environment of the space encourages it to be moved….Well-rooted presence and virtue of the practitioner are key to this environment. Close windows and shut doors to create a space that is calm and quiet enough for concentration, so you can promote a relationship of unity between your spirit and the patient.”

–Ling Shu (1,8,9) and Su Wen (27)

Training in the Art of Sei-Ki

First step to expanding your consciousness and supporting others

Sei-Ki Training Programme

A unique 10-day staggered intensive training opportunity to learn Sei-ki

Shorter Workshops

One off Sei-ki workshops
UK and International sessions


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Living in Resonance (LiR)

LiR offers workshops and community in Sei-ki and the art of living for practitioners and also anyone wanting to explore mindful touch. Life is a difficult journey with many joys and pitfalls. From time to time we need help on our travels. LiR is a resource in the form of workshops, supervisions and community in line with this resonant life.

Living in Resonance takes is name from Kishi & Whieldon’s 2011 book, Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, the Secret Art of Shiatsu
Resonance affects everything, like ripples in a pond.  It is life lived in harmony and flow, internally and in relationship, without effort, impact without trace.  Resonance is relationship