Sei-ki Training Programme 2019

First of its kind

​The Sei-ki Training Programme is the first of its kind and presents a unique opportunity of intensive learning with experienced Sei-ki presenter, Alice Whieldon.

Training in Sei-ki
If you are reading this, then something about Sei-ki has sparked your interest. Sei-ki is about catching that interest and following it. In learning this art we prioritise experience through observation, one to one practice and hara development. We use discipline to focus the mind and hone it as a tool of research. We invite deep surrender to what is before us, to the flow and flux of life.

This training is unique in that Alice Whieldon brings together her appreciation of Sei-ki after nearly 20 years of presenting this art and having worked closely with Kishi as the ‘voice’ of Sei-ki. She is also an experienced teacher and teacher-trainer in higher education and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. Consequently, she is uniquely qualified in Sei-ki to present the practical work and place it in its wider philosophical and historical contexts. She works with skilled assistants and presenters to offer a supportive learning environment and community.

“I was first introduced to Seiki by Kishi Akinobu …attended many of his Seiki presentations and demonstrations over long years. However, it was only through Alice’s work that I finally felt I really ‘got it’! Alice’s clarity, and the keen intelligence she brings to presenting the work, make it fully accessible. Her breadth of understanding, her authenticity, presence and integrity are impressive – and are balanced with a style that’s delightful!”

–DJ, Norwich, UK

The Structure

The Sei-ki Training Programme presents a unique opportunity of intensive learning with fellow practitioners with an experienced Sei-ki presenter, Alice Whieldon and team. The programme includes:


  • 10 days of in-person intense workshop time over 8 months
  • Days run from 10am to 5pm and involve demonstration, practice, discussions, exercises
  • Small practice groups that will meet in person and/or online
  • One to one, online supervision between workshops
  • Living in Resonance (LiR) will continue to offer support in your ongoing research in the Sei-ki way, in opportunities to join with friends and colleagues for further workshops and supervision as well as informal points of contact

The Focus

Sei-ki is research; the goal always shifting to a new horizon. The training will herald change for you, but we all start and arrive at different points so comparison may not always be helpful. This training offers an environment in which to gain confidence to practise this art. You will be given tools to better identify what you want to know and pursue those goals, reflect on progress and map understanding. We will invite curiosity and surrender to be our guides. We will use discipline to give this a practical form.

The foci of this training are:

  • Quality of contact through being with another person through ‘touch’
  • An exploration of resonance
  • Hara development
  • The person as koan
  • Single minded focus and close attention
  • Catching movement and following
  • The play of discipline and surrender
  • Explorations of katsugen, gyo-ki and wa-ki
  • Treatment and diagnosis as indivisible

Training Dates

February 14 – 17, 2019
June 13 – 16, 2019
September 21 – 22, 2019

These can not be taken as stand alone workshops


The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

(CCCA) is a modern gallery and
​meeting space.

Manchester, UK

The Fee

£800. This is a non-residential training programme. The fee includes all 10 days training, one to one / or online supervision and more.

10% reduction for bookings before the end of 2018 ​


Get in touch to ask us any questions you might have about the programme. We would love to hear from you.