Learning to Practise Sei-ki 

Sei-ki is about developing your observational ability.  This comes with practice and learning Sei-ki is more like learning a martial art than learning a medical system or technique.  It is through repetition over time that we become more sensitive and learn to ‘see’ in a different way from our usual seeing and knowing.  So training cannot be regarded as ‘finished’ at any point. Yet we can all practise Sei-ki right now because we all have awareness and can be open to others and use our hands to touch. What Sei-ki trains us in, is expanding that awareness, becoming more open and developing skill in touch.

Alongside this, if you train in Sei-ki with Alice and Surrenderwork, you will be instructed in the theory of how the mind and body are structured and what we are doing in Sei-ki to work with the individual to free themselves from fixed ideas and distortions. See our events in Surrenderwork and here, with LiR for workshops and contact us for advice on training.


“I was first introduced to Seiki by Kishi Akinobu …attended many of his Seiki presentations and demonstrations over long years. However, it was only through Alice’s work that I finally felt I really ‘got it’! Alice’s clarity, and the keen intelligence she brings to presenting the work, make it fully accessible. Her breadth of understanding, her authenticity, presence and integrity are impressive – and are balanced with a style that’s delightful!”

–DJ, Norwich, UK