To train in Sei-ki is to take on the task of learning this art as a personal discipline, much as you would with a martial art like aikido.  Two or more workshops a year or an intensive will greatly assist you in this. 

LiR offers workshops in the UK and Internationally. See below.

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“Alice is very clear and precise in her work and obviously can look back on decades of experience that led to a deep understanding of the art of touch. I recently participated in a Seiki-workshop and was able to take my work to a higher level. Learning Seiki isn’t straight forward. You go around corners quite a bit and need to learn to read between the lines. We practised that a lot and her feedback helped me become more aware of what I’m doing on the one hand and also become more confident with my touch on the other hand. I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants to dive into the Mystery of the authentic, energetic bodywork called Seiki-Shiatsu”

–RF, Heidelberg, Germany

Sei-ki Practice Evenings

Time: Classes run 19.15-21.15
Dates: ​ 2nd July (please note that there is no class in August but they will resume in the autumn) 1st October, 3rd December (Sept & November tbc)

Venue: London School of Capoeira, Units 1-2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF
Cost: £20
Classes are led by Alice Whieldon and are suitable for all levels of experience

    5-7 July 2019 Shiatsu Festival

    Kassel, Germany

     workshops with Alice Whieldon Nick Pole and Rene Fix 

      3-8 September 2019

      Sei-ki Intensive

      Heidelberg, Germany

      workshops with Alice Whieldon and Rene Fix

        7-12 October 2019 Chicago Shiatsu Symposium

        Inner Life: Organs, Emotions and Nourishment – Sei-ki and the Emotion-Body

         with Alice Whieldon, Carola Beresford-Cooke & Joanna Flores

          1-4 November 2019 Extended Sei-ki Workshop

          Athens, Greece

           with Alice Whieldon

            Saturday 14th December

            A Christmas Celebration of Sei-ki

            London, UK

            A one day Sei-ki workshop for all levels with Alice Whieldon 

            13-16 February 2020

            Sei-ki and Clean Language: Exploring Resonance through Words and ‘Touch’

            London, UK

            With Alice Whieldon and Nick Pole deepening contact with mindful language and touch

            26 February – 3 March 2020

            Sei-ki Intensive

            Heidelberg, Germany

            With Alice Whieldon and Rene Fix

            6-8 March 2020

            Sei-ki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu

            International Academy of Hara Shiatsu, Vienna, Austria

            With Alice Whieldon, assisted and translated by Alexandra Gelney

            1-3 May 2020

            Sei-ki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu

            Lisbon, Portugal

            With Alice Whieldon

            19-21 June 2020

            Sei-ki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu

            Hamburg, Germany

            With Alice Whieldon assisted and translated by Alexandra Gelney

            3-5 July 2020

            Sei-ki: the Secret Art of Shiatsu

            Nantes, France

            With Alice Whieldon

            4-6 September 2020

            Sei-ki at the European Shiatsu Congress

            Amsterdam, The Netherlands

            With Alice Whieldon

            7-10 October 2020

            Sei-ki Intensive

            Ki College, Heidelberg, Germany

            With Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix

            “One’s life is conducted by one’s spirit…a treatment has to move the spirit to restore wellbeing…In creating a quiet space through a quiet mind and body, illumination comes…The spirit moves because the environment of the space encourages it to be moved….Well-rooted presence and virtue of the practitioner are key to this environment. Close windows and shut doors to create a space that is calm and quiet enough for concentration, so you can promote a relationship of unity between your spirit and the patient.”

            –Ling Shu (1,8,9) and Su Wen (27)

            Learn More

            Learn more about Sei-ki with our interviews with Alice which can be found on our LiR YouTube channel. Such as:

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