Sei-ki Intensive Heidelberg

Ki College Heidelberg Bergheimer Str. 147, Heidelberg

An intensive four days with Alice Whieldon & Rene Fix, exploring Sei-ki as personal and professional practice.


Sei-ki: Feeling the Way, Movement & Touch


Working with this innovative Taiji School, exploring surrender and spontaneous movement with Sei-ki, this workshop is specifically designed for students of Taiji, Chi Gong and other movement arts but all […]


Sei-ki Training: Athens

Zen Centre, Athens Athens

In association with Ki Synergy of Athens we present this Sei-ki training. A stand-alone workshop in the heart of Athens and, if you would like to develop your Sei-ki, we […]

Sei-ki: Renewal & Surrender

Norwich Wellbeing Centre 15 Chapel Field East, Norwich

This workshop is for beginners and experienced Sei-ki practitioners.  We will explore what non-doing is and research the paradox of non-doing and intention through practical exercises and touch. It will […]


Sei-ki Facilitators Workshop

Norwich Wellbeing Centre 15 Chapel Field East, Norwich

A 2 day course for experienced Sei-ki people interested in setting up practice groups or offering workshops in Sei-ki. FURTHER DETAILS BOOK HERE