About Living in Resonance (LiR)

LiR offers workshops and community in Sei-ki and the art of living for practitioners and anyone wanting to explore mindful touch. Life is a difficult journey with many joys and pitfalls. From time to time we need help on our travels. LiR is a resource in the form of workshops, supervisions and community in line with this resonant life.

​Living in Resonance takes is name from Kishi & Whieldon’s 2011 book, Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, the Secret Art of Shiatsu. Resonance affects everything, like ripples in a pond. It is life lived in harmony and flow, internally and in relationship, without effort, impact without trace.

“Over the last three years I have attended several Seiki weekend workshops with Alice. What has always struck me is the degree of focus expressed by Alice but also by the participants. Alice and Kishi’s method seem to attract people with that quality, that maturity. I find that this sobriety, this intent, have helped me come closer and closer to the aim of Seiki i.e. a simple, true, profound connection with the “receiver” where I feel closer to myself, my true self I would say and where both “giver” and “receiver” equally benefit”

–PB, London, UK

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Learn more about Sei-ki with our interviews with Alice which can be found on our LiR YouTube channel.

What is Sei-ki?

How do you practice Sei-ki?

What is the difference between Sei-ki and Shiatsu?